Yahoo search is improving

Earlier I wrote about Sometimes yahoo is better is better than google in providing search results when I was searching for Installing latex on hostmonster. And now with its open search platform SearchMonkey its trying to close in to Google. SearchMonkey allows you to create data services to built search apps that can enhance your search results.

Yahoo search gallery provides you many existing search enhancements that you can add after logging to yahoo. [Via].Try various enhancement like LinkedIn Profile, IMDB results, StumbleUpon Reviews and other popular ones.

And you can also create your own search enhancement using step by step method using Presentation application (SearchMonkey Guide).

SearchMonkey API unables you to modify how particular links appears in search results. You can add images, related links and other html formatting but it does not unable you change position of a page in search result. I was unable to find feature which will enable us to filter sites which requires you to login or sites like ebay and amazon which may not be relevant to us by making their appearance farther in search results.

But still these enhancements provides you little summary of search results which is very useful like in case of movie reviews, people profile via linkedIn, stock information etc thus sometimes making opening the actual webpage unnecessary.

Creating Error 404 page

Helping lost visitors? Sometimes a link provided by you may end up as 404 page or viewer might have typed wrong URL that doesn’t lead correct page on your site. To help your visitors you can actually use .htaccess file (for Apache servers) to redirect all such links to a special page which will be more useful than plain “404 File Not found” error.

You can add this one line to .htaccess file (create this file if it doesn’t exist)


ErrorDocument 404 /web404.html

This will redirect all queries for files not found in that directory and sub directories to web404.html
On that page you can provide user with:

So yesterday I added a 404 page for my website: Check it out

I have also added similar functionality for my wordpress blog. For setting up 404 Error page on wordpress follow this well compiled article: Creating an Error 404 Page

Interesting read: Creating User Friendly 404 Pages

Adobe AIR: Web to Desktop

Past few days, I have came across Adobe AIR through digg, techmeme, delicious and so today i thought i should try this. Adobe AIR lets us their existing web development skills in HTML, AJAX, Flash and Flex to build and deploy rich Internet applications to the desktop. For Application development you will need two things:

Having Adobe AIR extension for Dreamweaver CS3 can be very helpful as it facilitates to package and preview .air application files directly within Adobe Dreamweaver CS3.

As my first AIR application, I ported my rubiks cube timer as a desktop application (RubikTimer.air). Its very easy using dreamweaver extension, have a look here : Create your first HTML-based AIR application with the AIR SDK (great tutorial for beginners).

One problem I faced: Usually setInterval(“display()”,500) works with Firefox/IE but it was not starting with no error message to look into but then i found out about using Adobe CommandLine tool. (via Three ways to debug Adobe javascript Application). It´s called ADL and resides in the /bin folder of the SDK. ADL showed the Error: “Unsafe javascript”. Then after some random changes when i change it to “setInterval(display,500)”, It started working. Another problem I faced was related to keypress events in javascript, were not working with AIR (still have to resolve this issue)

Download RubikTimer.air here
Web Based Rubik Cube Timer

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Trying hands on Google gadgets

Trying hands on Google gadgets

Tonight i tried creating some google gadgets (actually its quite easy using Google Gadget Creator). You can check out them here: Google gadgets . You can use html / javascript (as in any other webapage) to create gadgets.Rubik timer gadget So i converted my Rubiks Cube Timer to a gadget. Other one is a gadget to search stock, scripts on bombay stock exchange.

You can also create gadgets using : Make your Own Gadget (Which is as simple as filling out forms)

P.S. : My first post on wordpress blog. (I imported my previous posts from blogger)

Chart API for webpages

Cool….Great yet Simple..

Embed charts in webpages with one of our simplest APIs yet

We actually built this originally to use internally – we use it on Google Video and Google Finance for example. It seemed like it would be a good thing to open up to other users too. You can find out all about it at on the Google Chart API homepage and there’s a Google Chart API group for questions and support.

Google publishes chart API for web pages

A single HTTP GET request with parameters is all you need. You can even use the URL as the src attribute on an img tag.

Also Read:Programmable Web: Google’s New Chart API

OpenID ??

today i read this article which explains what openid is ??

Lately OpenID has been hitting the front page of digg,, and many other large websites.

Read More>>
OpenID – What is it, and why everyone is talking about it
you can also go through..
Authenticated Distributed Search (OpenSearch, OpenID)
Add OpenSearch to your site in five minutes

Additional link(offtopic and old article but i came across this well written article and couldn’t resist posting it.. ):
What Every Webmaster and Web Developer MUST Know About Ruby on Rails and AJAX It’s not a tutorial, it’s not a “how-to” but he explains very well just what the heck all this.

Web Development Tools

Great listing of web developers powertools by Brennan Stehling.
I’ll starts with extension for firefox that comes very handy while web devlopment.

The list Web Development Tools for the Power Developer contains :




Read More>> (also containing ASP.NET, Proxy tools)
And w3schools, a great place for finding tutorials realted to web development.

Updated(29 April 2007) : Tools for web-designers.

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Improving interactivity with Javascript

HTML controls other than conventional Push buttons, radio buttons, check boxes, select boxes, and text inputs, can power up forms, webdev using javascript to increase interactivity and easy (for users). List of such controls includes : slider, Date picker, Smart text boxes, Advanced tooltips, Auto validation etc.

Read more friendly bit >> Improving interactivity with Javascript
In addition, I find image maps also very handy when it comes to intereactivity when used properly with tooltips…as i used them in Paint Chat.

Bonus link[ :) ] DailyBlogTips > Web 2.0 Webdesign Tutorials
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Firebug : web development evolved

I found firebug very useful while developing my Paint Chat (which is not a big code as such but still), so here it goes in admiration of firebug:

Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.

Firebug is firefox addon that helps you in webdevelopment with
its powerful feature such as javascript debugger, Inspect and edit HTML, Tweak CSS to perfection, Monitor network activity, Explore the DOM and many more. Feature I like most is its quickly diagnosing problem, it allows you set break points and checking intermediate values of variable for javascript thus making a great javascript debugger. Many times you are stuck at where did the code went wrong so in way its a lot useful in saving time.

I also like is its inspecting html and modifying html and css on fly and see the results with helpful tooltips. It also help in positioning of divs, images with its nice feature of visuallizing css metrics with ruler and box model coloring(HTML inspecting).

It other great feature is its interface which is comes with browser window split in two halves one for your website and one is extension interface (though it also can be detached from it). I am also a fan of Web developer toolbar extension but what it lacks is a java debugger and this great interface but both are a must of a web developer.

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Play with html using javascript

Javascipt can be very fruitful and flexible when it comes to modifying webapges dynamically (though client side). Javascript can be helpful in creating response to browser events like mouseup, mouseover etc, veryfying of form values prior to submitting them, changing style and value of html elements dynamically.
Examples i disscuss here are being user by me in developing Paint Chat !! So here I go..
You can write javascript functions and code in section as:

<script type="text/javascript">function test(){alert("test javascript");}</script>

Action on events:

Example of events can be mouseclick, keystroke, submitting form etc.
With onload()

 <body onload="init()">

Now init() function will be called when this html page is being loaded.
For links, javascript function can be evoked when clicking, mouseover over links like

 <a href="javascript:replay()" mce_href="javascript:replay()">Refresh ! </a>

Now function replay() will be called when Refresh! is clicked. For input text box

<input type="text" size="30" id="search" onchange="suggest()">; 

Now whenever content of textbox changes the function suggest() will be called. It can be useful when feature like google suggest has to be implemented or so.

On submitting forms:

<form method="post" action="some.php" onsubmit="return checkForm()">

So whenever this form is being submitted checkForm() function will be called and can be helpful in verifying values of form elements.

onMouseOver and onMouseOut:

<a href="" mce_href="" onmouseover="fade()"><img src="image.gif" mce_src="image.gif"> </a>

Now when mouse is over image fade() function will be called and can be used for animate and styling purposes.

Registering of events

A simple way can be:
Conside the html code : <div id="sample"> ..... some... html..text.. </div>
Now using javascript you can register event for this div by:

 var div_sample = document.getElementById('sample');div_sample.onmousedown=sampleMouseDown ; 

Now whenever mouseover ocours over this div html element sampleMouseDown() function will be called. Events can also be registered using addEventListener() . Find more information baout it here:Advanced event registration models

Modify Style and values for html elements

Within some javascript function, you can first get the element object by getElementByID() getElementsByName() for example conside the javascript code:

document.getElementById("colorcode").innerHTML = "#000000";
document.getElementById("bgtest").style.backgroundColor= "green";

The first line find the html element with id colorcode and then set its value to “#000000” using innerHTML. In second line, it sets the background of html element with id “bgtest” to green.

Some other tweaks which were useful :

var intervalID = setInterval(drawCurve, 100);

So the drawCurve() function will be called repeatedly after 100ms. You can cancel this process( removing repeatedly calling) by clearInterval(intervalID);

var testImg = new Image();
testImg.src="form.php?name=form_value" mce_src="form.php?name=form_value";

Now here in form.php you can fetch value of variable name using $_GET and can perform appropriate action.

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