How to install ANYTHING in Ubuntu!

Excellent guide..!!
This guide will help you understand with screenshots, instructional videos and to-the-point language.


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Video: 3D Face Morphing Animation Software

The future of animation? The Morphable Face Model shows how movie stars can be appear in films they never worked on, or even star in new films after they die! One person quipped that they should have delayed the release of The Polar Express until this program became available

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Ten Cool Coreutils Commands

While a few commands, such as ‘cd’ are built directly into bash; many of the most important commands come from coreutils, a GNU package containing over a hundred commands. Some are the well known commands such as ‘ls’, ‘mv’ and ‘cat’.

This list includes : tac, ps, stat, wc, split etc.
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source : Command Line Warriors

A Top 10 guide to accessing blocked websites from work

More and more companies restrict your access to certain websites. Usually it’s for a good reason, however if you’re pretty tech savvy and not worried about having the website “” in the log file associated with your system, then this little tip site is for you. These methods includes :

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